Who we are

Our story starts when my father, Giorgos Tziolas, together with his childhood friend Niko Mamara take the desicion to leave Vlasti, our small village and go to Thessaloniki. The only stuff they brought with them was their expertise for making cheese and real love for the tradition. Both of them they obtained from my grandfather, Mihalis Tziolas.

In 1973 they started a small family business called 'i Vlasti'. Until today, they support with traditional dairy products a vast amount of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the region of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki. At the same time, you will find our products on every table around the city.

Forty years later, and keeping family's tradition and all the values I got from my father and grandfather, I am able to create and maintain healthy collaborations with small traditional producers from around Greece. I am striving to bring to everyone's daily lunch and dinner original taste and always with the highest quality. Quality and taste that only the my expert suppliers can guarantee for it.
Best regards,
Tziolas Mihalis